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Amy K. Cummings-Aponte (MS, CCW, CHt)

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation. I specialize in individual, group, and couples therapy in Gainesville, Florida. 

The following are my areas of expertise:

Trauma | Life Changes | Depression | Anxiety | Aging | Relationships | Grief and Loss | Workplace Bullying | Hypnotherapy | EFT | Screening for Emotional Support Animal Documentation

Florida Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern (#IMH10930)

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator (#37008F)

Specializing in individual, group and couples therapy in Gainesville, Florida.



Support That Makes a Difference

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If you're struggling with depression, anxiety, life changes, aging, grief, or relationships, I can help.

I utilize an eclectic approach when helping you meet your counseling goals.  I believe in a focus on the whole person and an approach tailored to the needs of each individual.  The primary modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing.  


Are you considering a divorce but can't afford an attorney?

Struggling with tension and conflict within your family?

I provide family mediation services, including pre-suit divorce mediation.

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Hypnosis can help you with many of the challenges and goals you have. It is safe, effective, and has no side effects. Don't worry, it cannot be used to force you to do anything you would not agree to in a fully conscious state. 

Hypnosis can help with: Anxiety, stopping smoking, childbirth, fibromyalgia, past life regressions, phobias, stress, pain management, sports or academic performance, and more!

Group Sessions

New Pathways provides several groups to support clients' needs.

*Support Group for Victims of Workplace Bullying and/or Mobbing

*Mental Health Group - Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health and Substance Abuse)

*Reiki Share

All participants must be pre-screened and participation is voluntary. Call now for a pre-screening appointment!

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Emotional Support Animal Screenings and Assessments

Do you live with anxiety, depression or PTSD? You may be eligible for an emotional support animal. Emotional support animals provide comfort, boost self-esteem, increase social activity, promote feelings of safety, promote motivation, decrease symptoms, and promote a sense of purpose. 

I will provide the necessary documentation if you meet the criteria. Call today to schedule your appointment! 

Spiritually Diverse Counseling

Do you identify with or walk a path that does not incorporate mainstream beliefs?

New Pathways offers spiritually respectful counseling services that incorporate your individual path.  

We can include practices from diverse belief systems in order to support healing including rituals, tools and traditions. 

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